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Pre-K Reached 100 DAYS of School!

Wednesday, March 10th was the 100th day of school for Pre-K! The 100th day is always an exciting milestone for our students, but it's especially significant this year; when we began school in September with COVID creating a lot of unknowns, we weren't sure we'd make it 100 days!!

The students did a lot of fun things to celebrate, and naturally it all centered around the number 100. They counted to 100, put the "100" star up on the wall, colored shapes inside of the number "100" and then graphed the shapes, used their imaginations to create pictures using the numbers "1" "0" & "0", drew a picture of something they wish they had 100 of, and made their own snack by counting 100 items for a trail mix! They even made their own "100th day" party hats to wear home at the end of the day.

The 4's class will reach THEIR 100th day soon... I wonder what kinds of things THEY'LL do??


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