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Parent Resources and Links

Note: the information shared on this page is for parent reference only and is being shared in an attempt to offer important information and resources to our Little Friends families.  Little Friends Preschool does not specifically endorse any individual, website, or business listed here and is not affiliated with or receiving any incentive (financial or otherwise) from any of the listed resources/companies.  

Important Links for LFP Parents

Informative Printouts/PDFs

Local/Community Resources

**This list was compiled with input from other preschool directors/providers in Central PA

Resources for parents specifically pertaining to Cumberland, Dauphin, and Perry Counties

District Registrar - 717-691-3431

District Registrar - 717-506-3399

District Registrar - 717-432-8691 x1132

District Registrar - 717-938-9577, ext. 10104

Student Accounting Clerk- 717-732-3601

Helpful Web Resources

Links to video resources broken down by topic with supporting/reinforcing activities

"What We Do"--> "Child Wellness" tab has great resources for grief, divorce, cancer, etc.

Extensive links to resources specifically for infants/toddlers and their families

Information about birth injuries, diagnosis, prevention, and support

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