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Paulus Farm Market Field Trips 2021

We were SO delighted to be able to have our annual fall field trips for the 4's and Pre-K class this year! Last year field trips were unfortunately cancelled due to COVID, so this was an extra special treat for our 2021-2022 students.

Our students got the opportunity to experience many aspects of the farm, including picking produce to feed to the animals, searching for and picking a gourd and a pumpkin to take home, learning about how sunflower seeds are harvested from sunflowers, and taking a hayride around the farm to learn about all of the different things that are growing there. We got to feed all of the animals the produce that we had picked as well as some pretzels-- the pretzels seemed to be the favorite of a lot of the farm animals!

Students also had the opportunity to PLAY! Paulus Farm Market has a great play area for the students to run off some energy, as well as some fun interactive photo opportunities. We finished the field trips with a round of soft serve ice cream, which was a delicious treat.

A big THANK YOU to our parent and board volunteers who helped with transportation and chaperoning these field trips-- we couldn't do all of this without our helpers!


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