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Introducing... Professor Blue!

Our beloved friend Professor Blue has visited our 4’s and Pre-K classes numerous times over the past few years, but this week, for the first time EVER, she will be visiting our 3’s and 2’s classes! With her visibility increasing in our school, I thought it an appropriate time to share a little more information about Professor Blue, and she was kind enough to take time out of her travels to answer some questions. Professor Blue is a big talker, so there’s a lot to dig into here!

Professor C. Blue was born on June 31st (she insists this is accurate, despite my insistence that there is no June 31st.) It was the coldest day of the year in Liechtenstein, and she believes this is why she was born with blue hair. She is a cousin 473 times removed of our very own Mrs. Rice (more about that below!)

Professor Blue met her longtime companion, Larry the water buffalo, near her home in the Alps; she was on a hike on the Eschnerberg trail when she happened upon the poor lost soul. Larry had taken a wrong turn when he went to get a drink from the Pearl River in China, and instead of finding the river, he ended up thousands of miles away in the Alps. While he did not find his drink of water, he did find Blue, and they have been inseparable ever since. He accompanies the Professor when she’s at Little Friends, and her cousin Mrs. Rice is kind enough to supervise Larry outside while Professor Blue is in the building.

Professor Blue became a scientist many years ago, and holds degrees from universities all over Europe. She has been teaching in various locations for the past 38 years, but her favorite place to teach is Little Friends Preschool! Professor Blue loves to travel, and she and Larry have travelled all over the world together. They’re currently trying to convince Elon Musk that they should be on his next flight to outer space; he has not responded to her 361 emails as of yet. One of their most exciting trips brought them to China, where they found Larry’s Great Great Great Great Uncle and Aunt Beauregard and Tilly, still waiting for him on the banks of the Pearl River.

One year, their travels took them to Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia to witness the hatching of the sea turtles. Mrs. Rice happened to be there with her family, and they found Larry hanging out all by himself at a local fudge shop on the island. He began following them, and soon they found Blue crying hysterically on the beach thinking she had lost Larry forever. Upon seeing Larry, Blue gave Mrs. Rice a million hugs; Blue felt an immediate connection to Mrs. Rice and asked her a bajillion questions. Eventually, they discovered they shared a common cousin, Chef Rice! The three cousins have since returned to Jekyll Island for a nice vacation to enjoy reminiscing together on the beach.

Chef Rice, Professor Blue, and Mrs. Rice on Jekyll Island. Pictured at far right-- Larry the water buffalo. (Chef Rice and Professor Blue wore masks, having flown in from out of the country).

When they aren’t travelling, Larry and Blue can be found in their 7200 square foot castle in the foothills of the Alps in Liechtenstein; 6800 square feet of that is taken up by Larry’s habitat. At night, they stare up at the stars… by day, they laugh at the terrible skiers that go by from the local ski resorts. They have adopted several partridges to live in their 42 pear trees, and also took in an orphaned badger.

Professor Blue’s favorite color is blue—however, sometimes a nice shade of periwinkle or indigo will also do. She enjoys blueberries and blueberry waffles, and likes to drink hot cocoa with 11 mini marshmallows and a candy cane for stirring. She also enjoys blueberry lemonade. Her favorite movie is Rhapsody in Blue, her favorite songs are “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”, “Blue Bayou”, “Baby Blue”, and “Blue Christmas.” She loves to watch Blue’s Clues and Bluey, as well as Ancient Aliens. Besides Larry, her favorite animals are blue sea stars and blue-footed booby birds! Her favorite trip was to Australia, and her next trip will be to Antarctica, to meet Larry’s pen-pal penguin Aurora. Professor Blue is not married, but has a secret crush on her gardener, Waldo—she says that she can never seem to find him to tell him that she is madly in like with him!

Professor Blue is so excited to meet more of Little Friends Preschool’s amazing students this week! She has promised that her experiments will be exciting, informative, and SAFE (although her favorite experiments are ones that go kaboom!)

Science in the Pre-K Classroom!

Our beloved Mr. George is a good sport-- Professor Blue loves to get him involved!

Last year's 4's enjoyed making messes with Blue!

Not quite a "kaboom"... but almost...


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