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"Let us love each other, for love comes from God"- 1 John 4:7

From February 15-26, all of the classes at Little Friends collected items for the Little Free Pantry along the High Street side of FUMC. Non-perishable food items, much needed hygiene items and toiletries, even some gloves, hats, and scarves were collected, and at the end of the two week period we had collected 757 items!

Why did we do all of this? Well, the obvious answer is that it feels good to help people who are in need, and this was one way to do that. But in February, our bible verse is as stated above-- "Let us love each other, for love comes from God." What better way to teach our students to show the love of God than by reaching out into the community to spread love to others? Jesus showed love to all of the people He met in his lifetime; they didn't have to fit any certain pre-determined set of biblical rules for Him to love them! That's the beauty of God's love-- it's available to everyone, regardless of background or circumstances. And I may be a bit biased in saying this, but I really think no one has a better grasp on that type of outpouring of love than children!

Our afternoon Pre-K class was selected to help us finish what we started-- we loaded up the church's little red wagon and took turns pushing and pulling it out to the pantry. Then, all of the students got to load the pantry themselves; they brought out pasta and tomato sauce, peanut butter and jelly, some canned items, mac & cheese, tissues, toilet paper, and toothpaste-- all essential items that will go on to bless the Mechanicsburg community.

THANK YOU to everyone who brought something to donate-- should the desire to help continue to prompt you, please don't hesitate to continue sending items in! Although our official "collection" is over, the Little Free Pantry is never closed; you can put items in there directly, or you may certainly send things to school with your kiddos-- We'll make sure they get to where they are needed.


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