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All About Flex Days!

I've gotten some questions recently about our Flex Day program that we're hoping to try out, and wanted to clarify some things here!

Since many of our classes do not meet on Wednesdays and/or Fridays, we wanted to open up the opportunity for those days to still be available to families who would like their child to have more time at school. Many of our families have parents who work from home and need extra quiet time, or have siblings in the older classes who are in-class those days, or even just students who LOVE school and really want to be here every day! Whatever the reason, we would love to build a program that allows that opportunity for extra fun, enrichment, and time with friends!

On Flex Days, students would arrive at the same time they usually do. The Flex Day class will meet in the 2's/3's classroom, which is #120 at the end of the main floor hallway on the right. Students will have plenty of opportunities for free play, will have a structured craft and/or activity planned, and will have a snack provided by the school. They will get playground or gym time just like during their usual class days, and will have additional opportunities to explore and play in our Sensory Room. Students who attended our Day Camps over the summer will find that Flex Days are very similar, and just as fun!

If you are interested in signing your child up for Flex Days, you can do it by completing the sign-up form that was sent home with your child-- if you need a new copy, please contact me at and I'd be

happy to provide one for you! If we do not reach a minimum number of students signed up each day, we may have to cancel-- don't miss out on this fun opportunity! Sign up today!


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