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Fire Truck Day 2021

We were very lucky to receive a visit on Monday, October 18th from the Mechanicsburg Fire Department! Chief Koni & Firefighter Brian took time out of their morning to come to our school to teach our students about what a firefighter wears and what he/she does when there is a fire. We got to see Chief Koni put on ALL of his firefighter gear so that we know what a firefighter looks like and not to be afraid! He even turned on his oxygen tank with his face mask on so we could hear what a firefighter sounds like when they're fully dressed for an emergency.

Firefighter Brian told us all about the different parts of the fire truck, what each thing does and why it's so important! We learned that the fire truck can hold a LOT of water, but since so much water is used during a fire, the water on the truck only lasts for a few minutes! That's why it's so important not to block a fire hydrant, because firefighters need to be able to get their hoses attached to the hydrant during a fire. He showed us some of the tools that are used to help people who might be stuck in their cars in an accident, and also some of the tools that are used to cut into roofs or break down doors in a house fire. Finally, we all got the opportunity to climb aboard and take a look around the inside of the truck where the firefighters sit on their way to a fire! It was VERY high up off of the ground.

Little Friends is so thankful to the MFD for coming out and sharing this time with our students, and helping us ALL to be a little better prepared in the event of an emergency!


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