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Move-A-Thon 2021- Yoga-ta Get Moving!

This year is moving really, really fast-- April 15th was the PERFECT time to take a minute to stretch, dance, balance, and move our bodies to stay healthy and stay ready to learn! All of our students participated in the 2nd annual Little Friends Preschool Move-A-Thon, and we had a great time!

In our first station, students had the opportunity to hop, balance, crawl, and step their way through an obstacle course with balance beams, stepping stones, tunnels, and lots of other fun challenges. Next, we moved on to the back of the gym for some balloon volleyball with paper plate paddles! We had a lot of fun keeping the balloons up in the air and trying to hit them over the net!

After that, we got to move and groove with the music as we danced our wiggles out with Miss Trudy. Finally, we ended with a calming yoga session, following along with a video from Cosmic Kids. Everyone really enjoyed moving and stretching along with the story!

Back in the classrooms, Miss Jemma came in to talk about the importance of making healthy choices, and we learned about trying to "eat the rainbow"! We got to try our very own rainbow of fruits-- strawberries, mandarin oranges, bananas, green grapes, blueberries, and red/purple grapes, all of which were donated by The Marketplace at John Gross-- a HUGE thanks to them for providing our delicious rainbow of fruit!!


As an extra special addition to the Move-A-Thon day, the 4-year-old class was celebrating their 100th day of school! They got to do some special activities including making a 100th day trail mix for snack, counting out 10 pieces each of 10 different kinds of snacks. They also made some cool pictures out of the numbers in "100"! What an extra special day for our 4's!

THANK YOU to Miss Trudy for putting together all of the fun activities in the gym, and to our board member volunteers for helping to keep us MOVING!


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