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Director's Blog, rebooted!

Hello everyone! One of the biggest difficulties of this pandemic year for us has been finding ways to keep parents connected and involved with the things that are going on in the classroom. In the past it's been easier, since parents were in the building at drop off and pickup times-- however, since we've had to pivot to drop off/pickup outside, it's made things a little more difficult.

Our teachers have done their best with using Seesaw, newsletters, etc. to give the parents a glimpse of what's going on, but I wanted to figure out another way to share some of the fun things our students are doing; reviving the director's blog seemed like a good idea!

My desire is to share information (fundraisers, important dates, etc.) and also to give parents a window into the Little Friends classrooms. I plan to periodically "feature" each classroom so that all of our families can see what we're up to!

Bookmark this page and tune in now and again to get caught up on what's going on at Little Friends!


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