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"We enrolled our son, Noah in the 2 year old class with Ms. Keri and Ms. Trudy in September 2018. I remember sitting in the back of the sanctuary on the first day of school, being comforted by my mother (who became a member 50+ years ago)and my husband because I was so nervous.  It was my first time meeting Pastor Denny and he also reassured me that Noah's spiritual and educational growth was going to be amazing. I befriended a fellow mom whose daughter was also in Noah's class, and we also realized that we both grew up within half an hour of each other on Long Island. I knew then that we made the best decision and Little Friends/FUMC was our home away from home. By the end of that week, I was relieved, reassured and confident. Ms. Keri and Mrs. Trudy were amazing!


In the spring of 2020, when the COVID pandemic created an abrupt end to the academic year, I felt like I was saying goodbye to my family. We were used to a routine of drop off and pick up next to the classroom, and getting to know the other parents. Ms. Kari and Ms. Nicole from the 3 year class were absolutely amazing and even though the school year was cut short, they both did whatever they could to continue teaching the kids. I specifically remember Ms. Kari reading a book on the class Facebook page so that we could read together -- It was even one of Noah's favorite books and his smile was priceless!


Last fall, when Noah entered the 4 year old class at Little Friends, I knew that was it was going to be a great year. Despite the pandemic, I was happy that the kids were allowed to be together in a classroom setting. Mrs. Rice was so excited to meet Noah because she told us that she also has a Noah. Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Yother gave us daily updates, with pictures and videos from classroom activities, which gave me peace of mind that he was doing great with his peers and with his skills. Having the access to the Seesaw app and knowing that Noah was having an AMAZING time in school made my heart so happy. 


Before we knew it, May arrived and we were planning for graduation. I couldn't believe that the years went by so fast. As Noah's name was announced by Ms. Jemma, I cried. I was so thankful for his three years at Little Friends and more so, I was so blessed that Noah had such compassionate, knowledgeable teachers and staff who took care of him like he was their own. 


Noah is enrolled at Kindergarten Academy in the fall, although I secretly wish I could bring him back to Little Friends. Ms. Keri, Ms. Trudy, Ms. Kari, Ms. Nicole, Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Yother have blessed our child's life with so many great memories. One of my summer projects is to create a scrapbook (or two) of Noah's artistic creations from his time at Little Friends. It will also give me the opportunity to relive the last three spectacular years we had at Little Friends." --Submitted Summer 2021

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